Party Options

Pirate Adventure: Perfect for the first mate of the family and their mateys as Captain Mermaid Harmony leads the scallywags on a high seas adventure they'll not soon forget!

Whale of a tale: Hire Mermaid Harmony as an interactive storyteller for your playgroup, camp, or family gathering. Hear stories of sailors, sea monsters, mermaids and more!

Guppy Party: A party for those on land: involves songs, stories, games and a special mermaid treasure for the guppy, and their guests. Photo opportunities throughout the party, to capture a real live mermaid with your children!

Deep Sea adventure: A party for the swimmers whether pool or ocean, mermaid rides, stories, songs, and games in the water, swim with a mermaid for a fin fun party where everyone has fun in the water!

The Mermaid and I: One on one swim with a mermaid, get a mermaid ride, chat about mermaid life! Have fun swimming with a mermaid! An amazing experience that they will always remember!

Siren's Song: Mermaid Harmony has siren roots and is available to greet guests while serenading them with songs of the sea, ships, and sailors. She will pose for pictures and can hand out mermaid treasures to your party goers adding a magical and wondrous aspect to your party.

*Craft can be added to any party option
*Multiple mermaids are an option for events and parties

Welcome to my site

Mermaid Harmony has worked at a variety of nonprofits, camps, and schools in the last 10 years, with extensive work with children by using drama as a teaching school. She went to land college at the University of Northern Iowa and studied Theatre for Youth. She moved to be closer to the ocean in 2012, and now lives in Honolulu bridging the gap between mermaids and humans by being a children's entertainer to land dwellers, a storyteller, and a model to share the two worlds above and below the water and to teach everyone about believing in themselves, believing in the unknown, and loving the world we all live in.

Located: Mermaid Harmony is currently located in Honolulu, Hawaii, she can travel anywhere on the island, and can travel off island as well, please email for details.

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